Driver Reviver

The Driver Reviver program has been established for over 16 years as a volunteer based program. Driver Reviver provides rest stops on major roads and highways to encourage travelers to take a break on their travels to reduce the effects of driver fatigue, one of the main causes of road trauma.


In Victoria, most sites are operated by SES volunteers and /or Lions Club members
who give up their time on holiday weekends to operate the sites.

Free Bushells tea and coffee is provided as well as a snack.

The sites operate at the busiest times over holiday weekends; however, the times do vary depending on local needs. Over the years, Driver Reviver sits have become very popular as places to stop. They add a little more security for people traveling alone, as well as being a great source for local information on roads, local attractions and sometimes even tips on those local fishing spots.

For the location of sites throughout Victoria and more information go to:

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