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It is with great pleasure that we announce that the Lions Crime Committee have formed an alliance  with "Kidsafe".

 Safe Kids Australia/The Child Accident Prevention Foundation of Australia (Kidsafe) is the leading Australian non-governmental, not-for-profit charitable organization dedicated to preventing unintentional childhood injuries. Lions will no doubt have seen this “Kidsafe” logo.If not we hope you do in the future as our Lions logo will be appearing on all joint projects we are involved in.

The committee of Crimewatch have recently agreed to fund two major “Kidsafe” projects. The first project being fridge magnets displaying Emergency contact Numbers. This project will be jointly funded with the help of RACV.

Lions Crimewatch will shortly be issuing information to Lions clubs within the 201V Districts on how they will be able to obtain magnets for distribution within their local area.


The second project we will be embarking on is the manufacture and distribution of Kidsafe signs. Our intention with this project is to make these signs available to clubs to erect in prominent places within their local communities.

We are very excited about these projects as we think they are great projects that Lions clubs can get involved in. They are projects that can be community based and can involve local businesses and local councils.

We all have concern with children’s safety and our association now with Kidsafe can now assist us as Lions to educate ourselves and others about the risks that children face.

“Kidsafe” Mission

To make a safer world for kids by leading the promotion of action to highlight and to minimise the unacceptable level of risk and consequence of injury to children in our adult-focused world. More information about” Kidsafe” can be found on their website at:

Kidsafe Victoria February 2017 Newsletter

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