Benalla LEOs Donate 100 Signs

Story from the Benalla Ensign By JESSICA BALL NOVEMBER 15, 2016


With another scorching summer just around the corner the Leo Club of Benalla is doing its part to keep children safe.

Through fundraising efforts the group has purchased 10 traffic signs warning people not to leave children in cars.

The signs are an initiative of KidSafe Victoria designed to raise awareness of the dangers of hot cars and reduce the number of incidents across the state.

Leo Club President Jazzy Burke said it was an issue that needed action.

‘‘It was all about safeguarding the future generation of our town and protecting children who cannot protect themselves,’’ Miss Burke said.

Secretary Edward Mentiplay-Smith said he was proud to be part of the project.

‘‘It feels good inside to know that we’ve helped the greater community,’’ Mr Mentiplay-Smith said.

The project has also been financially supported by the Benalla Rural City Council and Leo Club of Benalla vice-president Charles Schultz said the club was thankful for its assistance.

‘‘The council has played a very supportive role in our project and we are very grateful,’’ Mr Schultz said.

The signs have been installed in carparks in Benalla’s central business district.

The Benalla Leo Lions Club is open to young men and women aged between 12 and 30.

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