Children in Cars - Red Hot Alert

“If you leave the car take the children with you” 

Kidsafe Victoria, in partnership with the Lions CrimeWatch Committee, continues to issue a red alert to remind parents and carers about the dangers of leaving children unattended in cars. Anecdotal evidence suggests that there is an increasing trend in incidents where children are unintentionally left unattended in a car.

Precautions and Tips:



Robert Caulfield, Vice President of Kidsafe Victoria said, “During the busy Christmas and New Year shopping periods, it was easy for parents and carers to get caught up in the rush and forget that they have their children in the car with them, especially if the children are sleeping quietly in the back” said Mr Caulfield.

Arthur Uren, Lions CrimeWatch Committee spokesman said “Leaving children unattended in a car, even for a short period of time, can be fatal. On a typical Australian summer day, the temperature inside a parked car can be 20 to 30 degrees hotter than the outside temperature.” 

Mr Caulfield said, “The clear message is to take the children with you, even if you think you will only be gone for a few minutes. It could save their life or avoid them suffering severe brain damage." 

Ambulance Victoria statistics reveal that they were called out to 1100 incidents in the last 12 months. These occurred in all locations including car parks, streets, public places and homes. 

“It can be quite easy to lock the keys in the car with children when unpacking the shopping, especially with newer models that come with an auto re-lock feature. Therefore it is important that parents and cares keep their car keys with them at all times when packing and unpacking the car” said Mr Uren.

Mr Caulfield and Mr Uren highlighted the importance of community awareness initiatives, such as Kidsafe Victoria’s ‘Do Not Leave Children In Cars’ signs which are designed to be placed in local car parks, in reminding busy parents to check their cars before they lock them and leave them.

Kidsafe Victoria and the Lions CrimeWatch Committee are encouraging all local councils to sign up to the Do Not Leave Children In Cars campaign by purchasing a ‘Do Not Leave Children In Cars’ community awareness kit. The kits are designed to provide local government’s with the tools to help raise awareness and reduce the number of incidents across the state.

Lions Clubs are also encouraged to purchase and erect signs within their local area. Shopping centres and car-parks and even the main street of country towns should be the target for Lions.

This is a great project and with very little effort lions could arrange for the erection of signs.

Signs are available from Lions Crime Watch committee.

Stan Falloon

District Governor 201V1-4

Lions Crimewatch Committee Chairman

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