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The Victorian Crime Watch Speak Up Inc. Committee represents Lions Clubs Districts of 201V of Victoria, Australia.

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The Victorian Districts Lions Crimewatch Committee is making available car stickers as pictured above to be placed on the driver’s window as a gentle reminder not to leave kids in cars. Download Information and Order Form

A frightening statistic has come to our attention about children being killed or seriously injured due to driveway run overs. Our associates Kidsafe Victoria have provided the following statistics.


On average, every year 7 children aged 0-14 years are killed and 60 are seriously injured due to driveway run over incidents in Australia. Most driveway run overs occur in the driveway of the child’s own home, or in a friend or relative’s driveway. The driver is usually a parent,relative or family friend. In 85% of cases, the driver does not know that a child is close to the vehicle; they think they are being looked after elsewhere. Our Crimewatch committee is totally shocked by this information and intends to run a “Campaign of Awareness“ and ask that all Lions clubs come on board to support us to make our communities aware of this ongoing tragic situation.

Kidsafe have provided us with window stickers (pictured) and they are available by contacting our Secretary.

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Kidsafe Victoria February 2017 Newsletter

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